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Poster: Frank Stepps Date: Aug 30, 2022 3:54pm
Forum: audio Subject: Barbie boombox toy sample Experimental hardcore screamo artist

Hi there, I’m new here but I’m also an avid music digging enthusiast and I’ve been on the search for a really obscure experimental screamo hardcore album that I used to listen to as a joke when I was in highschool. I’d show it to my friends and we would all laugh at how silly it sounded but at some point my old laptop broke and couldn’t fix it anymore and I forgot about the album for a long time until it came back into my mind 7 years later after I graduated. I found this album during my sophomore year just searching for silly dumb sounding screams bands and I came across one that had a MySpace link download. The artwork caught my attention, it had toys with space like filters and a rainbow and the artist’s name was REALLY LONG as far as I remember. What I don’t remember is the track list but it had a consistent flow of very “randomness rawr xD” titles that never made sense. The first track was the most memorable to me because the song would start very hardcore with the guy having very squealing vocals as if the singer was going through puberty. And the instruments were electronic but I think sampled lots of weird sound effects with occasional fart sounds and squeaks while aggressive double kick pedal distorted drums were always present through the whole song. In the middle of the song, it had change of pace by playing a sample of a “Barbie Dance with Me Boombox” 2002 toy tune for like 10-15 seconds and then it resumed back to its aggressive screamo sound and then the song just sort of ends. I hope there’s a chance someone can help me find this album again and actually listen to it. In a strange way, I actually like the album and I miss listening to it. It might of been silly and a joke back then but now it’s been the reason why I look for “off the wall” kind of music like Death Grips, Xiu Xiu, Rosa Yemen, early Sonic Youth etc.

Much love, and thank you for reading my post, I hope I get to find the album again <3

P.S. here’s the sound sample they used: